CRM Integration

CRM Integration

Customers get irritated when they have to convey the same information time and again, and agents face trouble in managing multiple systems that are not connected to one another. We offer robust CRM integration that enables agents to identify callers and interact with them in order to make them happy. With our speciality in CRM integrations, we allow our agents to gather information about our customers prior talking to them, and offer solutions that will make them delighted.

Advantages of CRM Integrations

The evolution of advanced routing enables businesses to leverage the power of telephony and technology in tandem in order to gain competitive edge. With advanced routing, businesses now can acquire overall information of their customers, from purchase history to demographics, which are instrumental in up-selling, customer retention and driving operational efficiency. The following are some advantages associated with advanced routing:

  • Lower call handling times with automatic CTI screen pops, trace callers and get them connected directly to the appropriate person
  • Customized for Salesforce and Oracle Service Cloud
  • Built-in intuitive interface to remove screen switching
  • Automatically saving call logs when a call ends
  • Prioritize high-value callers or those with open incidents.

Our easy-to-implement CRM integration strives to bring agility to the sales process, customer service, and case management. With us, our clients can be rest assured to gain competitive advantage, increase productivity and enhance customer experience while maximizing ROI. We aim to give a platform to our clients from where they use both telephone and CRM technology to make their customers happy. The continuous exposure our teams enjoyed pertaining to the deployment of CRM in diverse industry verticals is a testimony of our commitment to complete your integration within days, not months.