Advanced Routing

Advanced Routing

With advanced routing in place, callers or customers can talk to contact center professionals with minimal hold time. Using this avant-garde technique help to automate the process of call routing on the basis of specific keywords, marketing campaigns, IVR phone menus and more. Our advanced routing solutions are offered to find resolution of a problem on the very first contact, accelerate the process of resolution, and eliminate the agony of sharing same information again and again. We aim to make customers happy and our advanced routing exposure is a manifestation of our ability to achieve it.

A Glance At Multiple Benefits of Advanced Routing

The evolution of advanced routing enables businesses to leverage the power of telephony and technology in tandem in order to gain competitive edge. With advanced routing, businesses now can acquire overall information of their customers, from purchase history to demographics, which are instrumental in up-selling, customer retention and driving operational efficiency. The following are some advantages associated with advanced routing:

  • Calls on priority are routed directly to appropriate agents to accomplish customer needs
  • Agents are accessed to a wide range of information about their customers prior taking their calls
  • Improvement in customers' service experience while also driving operational efficiency.

With us, businesses can able to deliver a great customer experience during the entire sales process and beyond through advanced call routing. In fact, connecting customers with the appropriate agent the very initial attempt speeds up resolutions and makes them delighted.